Shari Monner standing in front of functional home decor piece: her nail polish rack.
I'm Shari Monner, the artist behind Vary Niche Fine Art. I am a graduate student working on my PhD in Philosophy of Biology. I love to write, paint, and create. When I'm not writing philosophy, I am often blog writing, crocheting, and painting with watercolor, acrylics, or nail polish. Biology, family, and friends are my biggest sources of inspiration.

Vary Niche is about actively changing our world.  A niche is commonly misunderstood as a space in the world that can be carved out or found by a business, person, or organism; as something independent and separate from its inhabitants. Here, I introduce a biological understanding of niche to business, personal life, and creativity. Rather than a market space to be created or filled by a business, I view a business’s niche as a dynamic part of the business itself. Instead of a home or environment to live within, I understand a person’s niche as an ever changing part of their personal identity. Vary Niche is about understanding that everything we do in life or business changes our niche, and as a result, changes us as individuals and business owners.

I hope you find many tips and tricks to help you compose your own environment as I share my (increasingly art focused) story.