Sunday, February 8, 2015

Smile More!

This week, my little change is to smile more. A smile can be a powerful thing. Just using the facial muscles required for a smile will trigger the production of the hormones that make us feel happy. Once the happy hormones are flowing, smiling feels more and more natural.
"A smile is a powerful gift." Emoticon and text over painting by Shari Monner,

What a simple little change...with such great feedback. Not only will I be happier myself but every time I smile at someone, I have a chance to make them feel just a bit happier too. Whether they are compelled to return a genuine smile or feel socially pressured to return the smile and use those special facial muscles, I have made that someone happier; I have made their day better; and these happy feelings will feed back to make my day better too.

With every person I smile at, I will feel better and better, the smile will feel more and more natural, and my environment will become increasingly friendly.

Smile Tips:

1. Keep that smile on your face even after the recipient passes...nothing ruins a smile exchange like the premature relaxation of those smile muscles…so hold that smile longer even when it feels a bit forced.